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Student General Information


​Each student is expected to take proper care of books that belong to the school.  Damaged or lost books must be paid for so they can be replaced.  Textbooks, whether belonging to the school or on loan from the State, are to be covered at all times. 

Student Council

Student Council is an organization that works for the betterment of the school and student body as well as the community.  To be considered for an office on the Student Council, the student must:

-Be in middle school

-Show exemplary behavior (no I’s on the Personal Development section of the report card)

-Acquire a letter of recommendation from at least one teacher

Class Representatives, in grades K-8 are also a part of the Student Council.  Students that are eligible are elected by their classmates.


Tests are administered on a regular basis.  Multiple assessments are given to students via projects, participation (individual and group), exit slips, lab reports and school STEM Fair.  These and other papers will be sent home by the teacher for parent review, signature and return.  The Middle School sends home tests/assessments via an envelope system sent home on a weekly basis.

Standardized tests are administered each year to students in grades 1-8 and the Developmental Reading Assessment is used to assess reading skills to students in grades in Pre-K4 through 8th. Grade level math assessments are given at the beginning and end of each year.


​Exams in grades 5-8 take place in January and May/June and are an indication of an individual student’s depth of understanding of a particular subject. 

Class Trips

​Class trips are an extension of the overall educational experience of the students.  No student may take part in these trips without a permission slip.  Students not attending a trip for any reason will be considered absent.  Attire for class trip are either gym/school uniform, unless otherwise noted by the teacher.