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High School Acceptances

This year, our OLC graduates have received scholarship offers and awards totaling over $917,400.

The following is a list of high schools that have accepted OLC’s soon to be graduates of 2019: 


Berkeley Carroll School, NYC

Brooklyn Friends, NYC

Browning, NYC

County Prep High School, NJ

High Technology High School, NJ

Hudson Catholic Regional High School, NJ

Infinity High School, NJ

Loyola School, NY

Marist High School, NJ

McNair Academic High School, NJ

Notre Dame School, NYC

Packer Collegiate, NYC

St. Benedict’s Preparatory School, NJ

St. Dominic Academy, NJ

St. Peter’s Preparatory School, NJ

Trinity School, NYC

Xavier High School, NYC


Awards and Highlights


St. Peter’s Preparatory School: Full academic Sheehan Scholarship and Ignatian Scholars
Xavier High School: Full academic Xavier Scholarship and Presidents Scholarship
Hudson Catholic Regional High School: Full academic De La Salle Scholarship and Academic Scholarship
Marist: Full academic St. Marcellin Champagnat Scholarship and Academic Scholarship
St. Dominic Academy: Full academic Siena Scholarship and Merit Scholarship
Notre Dame School: Highest Academic Scholarship
Loyola: Merit Scholarship
3/4 of our students who applied to McNair Academic High School were accepted