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Standardized Test Results

Standardized Test Results/TerraNova

The OLC School’s 2017 data, as with its data in the past, reflect superior academic performance in every category. OLC average scores in every grade are consistently above the already exemplary Archdiocese of Newark mean scores – in most cases by between 10 and 20 points. OLC’s continuing math initiative has resulted in average math scores at every grade that meet or exceed 85% of scores in the nation. For a number of years we have been very proud of our academic performance, and equally devoted to continuing to excel. This year we are gratified to observe that our eighth grade outperformed more than 94% of the nation for the Total Score of the test battery. These results reinforce our continuing focus on excellence for all our students.


Graphs by Subject

In the following graphs The OLC School Terra Nova scores are compared to those of the Archdiocese of Newark.

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In the following reports, grade by grade comparisons of anticipated and obtained scores can be viewed.