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Letter from the Principal

Dear OLC Friends and Family,
Help us toast the next chapter of Upper Victory Hall!
Over the past two school years, The OLC family has worked towards its goal of improving our primary gathering and presentation space, Upper Victory Hall. The community has focused its efforts on this essential space used by all of our students for physical activities, clubs, assemblies, concerts, plays, and special events.
Through generous donations, volunteering hours, and dedication, the school community raised over $50,000 towards this undertaking. These efforts have been generously matched by the OLC parish and its pastor, Rev. Bryan E. Page​, demonstrating a commitment to providing the best possible facilities to current and future students.
We are so pleased and proud to have reached these milestones: roofing repairs, new HVAC with air conditioning, entirely new sound system, ceiling replacement, painting, and other improvements. We were even blessed to discover a hidden OLC “gem” in our new magnificent ceiling! While we are still striving towards other improvements needed in UVH, for example a new floor and stage/window curtains, this much-enhanced space is back in use and students are already benefiting from these upgrades.
So, now it’s time for us to celebrate all of our hard work, resources and commitment that have led us to this success! We invite OLC parents, alumni parents, advisory board members, faculty, and staff to join us in a "grown-ups-only" gathering to view and enjoy the beautiful new space and to thank everyone for their contributions.
We hope to see you all ​Thursday, November 14th, from 7-9 pm ​as we celebrate the refreshed UVH! With deepest gratitude,
Roseann Citro Principal