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Principal's Thanksgiving Newsletter 2017


Dear Parents,


With the Thanksgiving season upon us, we have so much to be grateful for this year.  We could dwell on our losses, such as the new school annex, or we could stay positive and focus on our blessings.  For me, I choose to stay positive because of the reasons listed below: 


  •      The return of the K-8 Prayer Service in the dining hall helped us realize what we lost last year in community building and what we have regained. In addition, it has helped us improve the unwarranted tardiness of the past.  Please join us in instilling in our children the critical habit of being on time.   All students Tiny Tikes to grade 8 should be on time everyday. 
  •      We now have more doors fitted with swipe card readers. This is to secure our school.  Join me in making OLC/LHA a safe place by not entering the building without going to the office first and/or holding the door open for others.  Our top priority is to keep all our children safe. 
  •      The faculty and staff have been busy learning more about teaching and learning. There have been multiple opportunities for the faculty and staff to engage in professional development in the areas of Balanced Literacy, Lesson Study and Responsive Classroom/Mindfulness in school and at off-site locations.  
  •      Later this year, the teachers will be holding two Family Math nights. More information will follow in early winter.
  •      Our use of Social Media increases as a way to highlight our students and what is happening in their classrooms.
  •      As for technology, now that we have an ample number of iPads for the one-to-one device program for students in grades 3-8, two Smart Tables for the preschoolers and kindergarteners, large screen televisions with Apple TVs and a lab filled with computers, it is now time to turn our attention to how we are using technology and what will come next. Stay tuned.  
  •      We continue to focus on repairing and/or improving the school facilities. The PSA will be sending a survey to gather your input for future projects. 
  •      Be on the lookout for our new website. We are just about finished with our work and will be going live soon. 
  •      His Holiness, Pope Francis, will be receiving a video message from our children, the OLC Peace Prayer.


Although the loss of the annex was quite disappointing, it brought a sizable number of people together last week to hear the reason why.  Their presence demonstrated a sincere and genuine interest in moving forward to other possibilities for growth in a variety of ways.  It was uplifting to have so many parents in attendance.  It demonstrated as it did after Hurricane Sandy, that a new building will not make the community stronger than we already are.  Many of you are the same people who came together after Hurricane Sandy to support our school.   We are all blessed to be a part of a community that values OLC/LHA for its sense of community more than the building that houses it. 


As I learn more about mindfulness, I wanted to share this quote with you; “The real gift of gratitude is that the more grateful you are, the more present you are.”- Robert Holden.  Wishing you and yours a Thanksgiving filled with peace, joy, hope and love.



In the Spirit of OLC,


Anna Mae Stefanelli