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Principal's Fall Newsletter 2017

Welcome Back!
Please read carefully the following school opening news:

  • ●  Tuesday, September 5th - For all students and their parents, Tiny Tikes through grade 8, there will be a Meet and Greet from 1:00- 3:00 pm. Students must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.

  • ●  Wednesday, September 6th- School will begin for students in Pre-K4 through grade 8, dressed in summer regulation uniformsThe doors on Marin Boulevard and York Street will open at 8:00 AM for students who arrive early. At 8:10 am, all students will go to the Dining Hall.

  • ●  Thursday, September 7th- School will begin for Tiny Tikes and Pre-K 3 students arriving in their regulation summer uniforms. A modified schedule will be in place for the first week. Please bring your child to the designated door as will be indicated in the placement letter you will receive shortly.

  • ●  Friday, September 8thWe will kick off the year with the first Blue Out Bullying, free Dress Down Day for all students.

  • ●  Monday, September 11th- The Before/Aftercare programs will begin for all students in grades Pre-K 3 through grade 8 who have been registered for the program. .

  • ●  MondaySeptember 18th- LJ’s Food Service will begin. As in the past, you must go online to create your account(s), place your child’s order, as well as pay for their lunches. Please adjust your account to reflect your child’s new grade level.

  • ●  Please note: Students in grades K-8 must arrive every day at 8:10 am and go to the Dining Hall. They will be considered tardy at 8:15 am. Again this yearno student will be permitted to enter school after 9:30 am unless their late arrival has been arranged beforehand.

  • ●  Our dress code is important. The 2017-2018 Students Handbooks can now be accessed online. Log on for specific uniform information about how to adhere to the dress code guidelines.

    We Say Farewell to Peter O’Neill and Justin Enes.


    • ✓  After over ten years of service to the OLC community, Mr. Enes has accepted a PE position with

      the Piscataway Public School District.

    • ✓  Mr. O’Neill moved to Florida and accepted a position with the Broward County Public School


      New Faces, Names and/or Assignments

    • ✓  Mrs. Nicole Balestri will join the kindergarten team. She earned a Master of Arts degree from Teachers College, majoring in Early Childhood and Special Education and has had classroom experiences at the Rita Gold Early Childhood and Bank Street Family Centers.

    • ✓  Ms. Alana Arciero will be joining Ms. Lillis and Mrs. Balestri in the kindergarten, too. Ms. Arciero earned her Master of Science in Teaching from Pace University, majoring in Early Childhood Development. She worked in the New York Public School System.

    • ✓  Ms. Amanda Lopez will join the Pre-K 3 team. Ms. Lopez was a lead teacher in an early childhood center for more than two years working with Pre-K 3 students. She is currently working toward a Master of Arts degree in Reading at NJCU.

    • ✓  Mr. Alexander Calleros will take Mr. Enes’ place as OLC’s PE/Health teacher. Mr. Calleros is a certified K-12 teacher of PE/Health. He has worked with Pre-K through grade 8 students, as well as coached soccer, baseball and softball.

    • ✓  I am happy to inform you that Mrs. Burke gave birth to her beautiful daughter in August and will begin her maternity leave in September.

  • ✓  Mr. Zachary Floyd has returned to OLC and will partner with Ms. Kelly in grade 5, teaching math and science.

  • ✓  Mr. Carroll will join Mrs. Whelan (formerly Ms.Lopez) in grade 4 teaching math, science and religion.

  • ✓  Ms. Kimberly Mena, our aftercare aide, will work with Ms. Manning and Mrs. Kaye (formerly Ms. Krumholz) in grade 3.

  • ✓  Ms. Lizbeth Flores will be our Rosetta Stone facilitator for grades K-8. She is eager to helping the students get the most out of the program.

  • ✓  Ms. Jessica Cortez joins the Tiny Tikes program as an instructional aide. Her work at a local early childhood and her love for toddlers makes her a perfect fit for our Tiny Tikes program.

    I know you will join me in welcoming the new faculty members, as well as wishing only the best to those teachers who are departing Looking forward to seeing you see soon! With His blessings, we will make all of this happen and more!

    Anna Mae Stefanelli, Principal

    PS: For a complete list of the administrative staff and teacher assignments, please read below.Administrative Staff

  • ➢  Principal
    Mrs. Anna Mae Stefanelli

  • ➢  Vice Principal for Teacher Supervision and Evaluation Mrs. Nelly Morales

  • ➢  Assistant to the Principal Mrs. Coleen Mason

  • ➢  Admissions Director, Camp and Afterschool Clubs Mrs. Joyce Cmiel

  • ➢  Manager of Tuition, Before/Aftercare and Government Funds Ms. Michelle Latko

  • ➢  Receptionist
    Mrs. Cathy Worthington

  • ➢  Building Aide
    Mrs. Hannah Magarban

  • ➢  Social Worker Kaitlin O’Connor

  • ➢  Social Media Facilitator Mrs. Nuala Ryan

  • ➢  Tiny Tikes
    Mrs. Murduca, Ms. Fibi, Ms. Cortez, Mrs. Valentini Pre-K 3 Teams
    Ms. Lopez, Ms. Rosario, Ms. Rasslan, and Mrs. Maini Ms. Garcia, Ms. Brito, Ms. dela Cruz, and Miss Anita

  • ➢  Pre-K 4
    Mrs. Enes and Ms. Carino Mrs. Erdahl and Mrs. Roseann Ms. Thomsen and Ms. Porzl

  • ➢  Kindergarten
    Ms. Lillis and Mrs. DeCrescenzi Ms. Arciero and Ms.Tan
    Mrs. Balestri and Ms. Kumarie

  • ➢  Grade 1

Teachers/Staff Grade Level Assignments

Mrs. Poetzsch, Ms. Santucci, and Ms. Zadroga

  • ➢  Grade 2
    Ms. Gordon, Ms. Ryan, and Mrs. Sullivan

  • ➢  Grade 3
    Mrs. Kaye (formerly Ms. Krumholz), Ms. Manning and Ms. Mena

  • ➢  Grade 4
    Mrs. Whelan (formerly Ms.Lopez) (LA/Social Studies) and Mr. Carroll (Math/Science/Religion)

  • ➢  Grade 5
    Ms. Kelly (LA/Social Studies) and Mr. Floyd (Math/Science/Religion)

  • ➢  Middle School Grade 6

    Mrs. Martineau (formerly Ms. Cuffari) (LA/Social Studies & Supervisor)

    Grades 7 & 8

    Mr. Rene Kristjansen (LA & Social Studies)

    Grades 6-8

    Mr. Keating (Math Teacher & Coach)
    Mr. Tarabocchia (Science)
    Ms. Zarsky (Religion Teacher, Protecting God’s Children, and 8th Grade Coordinator)

  • ➢  Art
    Mr. Nicolato

  • ➢  Computers
    Mr. John Mason

  • ➢  Music
    Mr. Jose Ahumada

  • ➢  Physical Education and Movement
    Mr. Alex Calleros and Ms. Karina Roudneva

  • ➢  Small Group Instruction Mrs. Sier and Mrs. Healy

  • ➢  Technology Integration Specialists Mr. Floyd and Mr. Mason

  • ➢  World Languages Ms. Lizbeth Flores