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Principal's End of Year Newsletter 2017

Dear Parents,

 With the end of the school year and Fourth of July behind us, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for yet another successful school year.   It ended with lots of wonderful celebrations listed below: 

  • Eighth Graduation 2017 was by far the best graduation ever.  Everyone who attended could feel the genuine warmth that came from a connection that existed between the children, parents, faculty and staff, administration and Father Tom.  It will stand out in my mind as one of the most amazing experiences of my life.
  • Kindergartners officially crossed the line to first grade singing proudly all the way there.  They looked so adorable in their tee-shirts made especially for the occasion. 
  • Preschoolers moved up to the next level in grand fashion performing for their parents. 
  • Mothers, fathers, special relatives and friends of children in grades K-5 celebrated Mother’s Day and Father’s Day with the children in the Dining Hall.  

Although our school year got off to a sad start, I chose to look at Ms. McKethan’s death as another challenge OLC had to face.  Standing tall in the face of this challenge, as we did after the hurricanes, her death proved that we are a strong and powerful community that faces our challenges with grace, dignity and strength.  For that we are truly blessed.  

Listed below are some of the projects that will take place in the summer to make OLC even better in the future: 

  • The planting of a tree in Ms. McKethan’s memory will take place along with landscaping improvements in the playground area.   A dedication service will be held some time in the fall.
  • Two Buddy Benches donated by the Classes of 2016 and 2017 will arrive and be placed in the playground.
  • Courtesy of the PSA, an awning will be built around the gathering area in the playground.  This will provide the needed shade to allow classes to utilize the area more.   Also purchased by the PSA, monuments/plaques will be installed to designate the tree for Ms. McKethan, as well as Ms. Barbara’s corner. 
  • A new boiler will be installed to replace the one damaged and repaired after Hurricane Sandy. 
  • Also lost or damaged in the flood waters of Hurricane Sandy were our air conditioners and windows in the Dining Hall.  We hope to replace the air conditioning, as well as the windows.
  • Volunteer middle school students under the guidance of Mr. T will continue to work on the garden in front of the convent.  

To the families leaving our school, we want to wish you the best in your new communities.  As our friends leave for new places, I am proud to inform you that new friends will be joining us.  To date, there are 502 students enrolled in OLC for the 2017-2018 school year.  This is the highest enrollment to date.  Together, we have transformed OLC into the school of choice in the downtown area of Jersey City.   For that we should give thanks! 

Wishing you safe, sunny summer days,

Anna Mae Stefanelli



  • The 2017-2018 School Calendar is now posted on our website. 
  • Please look for information that will be sent via email blasts during the summer.