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We recognize that each child is unique and can learn.  Our setting is such that integrates the physical, cognitive, social and emotional learning for the total development of the child.

Grounded in the understanding of how young children learn and the role the teacher plays in the learning process, our curriculum is based on the research of distinguished theorists in the field of Early Childhood Education.

Maria Montessori emphasized the need for children to gain autonomy and self-direction.

 We provide opportunities for children to develop independence through the use of self-correcting Montessori materials for extended periods of time. 

Jean Piaget observed that children construct knowledge and understanding by exploring and observing the objects around them.

The environment, materials and activities at Little Harbor Academy are designed to help the children gain a deeper understanding of the world.  Our children are encouraged to observe their environment from multiple perspectives.


Sarah Smilansky and her colleagues’ research focuses on the relationship between play and future academic success.  Meaningful play encourages the curiosity, discovery, and problem-solving that allows for individual growth and development. 

Lev Vygotsky realized that children could be “pushed” to new levels of knowledge when interacting with their teachers and peers. 

            We encourage children to participate in both large and small group activities.  Our teachers carefully observe the children and ask essential questions to help them reach a higher level of reasoning.


Our mission is to encourage children to learn and grow in a safe, nurturing environment where developmentally appropriate experiences are provided for all. 

Mommy & Me

Back by popular demand, Mommy & Me programs will return to LHA in the fall.  These programs will be geared to capture the attention of young “readers” and foster their love of reading while igniting their creativity.  The programs are designed for children ages 18-30 months and will include read alouds, cooking, art and music. For a Mommy & Me brochure, click here.


Please mail your application to: The OLC School
248 Luis Marin Blvd. Jersey City, NJ 07302 Attn: Mommy & Me Program or Drop it off at the Convent located at 180 Grand St. Jersey City, NJ  07302. If the office is closed please place in mail slot.
A staff member will be in touch with  regards to availability.