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About the Teacher

About The Teacher
Hi! My name is Anton Tarabocchia (Mr. T). I have been an educator for 36 
years and 34 of these years have been with the OLC School family. This year
I will be teaching Science to the 6th through 8th grade students. I am also
the Science and Religion Coordinator for our school.
I hold a bachelor's degree in Biology from New Jersey City University and a
teaching certification from Saint Peters College. I was honored by the
Archdiocese of Newark as one of several outstanding teachers in the
archdiocese in 1994. I was a recipient of the Hudson County Science Fair
Hall of Fame award in 2004. I was a participating member of the Science
Curriculum Committee of the Archdiocese of Newark in 2006. This year I am
again participating in its revision following the Next Generation Science
Standards (NGSS) to be used by all elementary schools in the archdiocese. I
am also participating in the third year 2018-2019 Archdiocese STEM Expo:
Global Challenges, STEM Solutions under the ProjectEngin program.
Together with my students, I am looking forward to a year filled with
questioning, hypothesizing, experimenting, observing, interpreting and
analyzing data, creating projects, and much more. Together we will apply the
Engineering Design Process as we design, construct, and test prototype
project solutions for the 17 Sustainable Development Goals for 2030
established by the United Nations. 
For myself, teaching provides an opportunity for continual learning and
growth. Therefore, together with your child, I look forward to many
rewarding experiences through science discoveries. My hope is to instill
a love of learning in your child, as I share my passion for teaching with
him/her. I am excited about the year ahead and the opportunity to partner
with you in your child's growth.
Mission For The Class
To be faith-filled students practicing honesty, integrity, and the golden
rule. To apply problem solving and reasoning skills, the scientific
method, the engineering design process and STEM to our daily studies.