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About the Teacher

      Mr. Keating has been with OLC since 2015, serving as the school’s middle school Math teacher and Math coach. Since coming to the school, he has formed a committee that continuously seeks to improve math instruction and find new opportunities for the school. Additionally, he has taken the lead with standardized testing for grades 2-8.


     Mr. Keating has a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from Rutgers University with a minor in Mathematics. He is currently finalizing his Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership from Saint Peter’s University. Born and raised in Bayonne, Mr. Keating attended high school in Jersey City at Saint Peter’s Prep, and he currently lives in Jersey City.


     This is Mr. Keating’s 4th year teaching Math (grades 6-8) at OLC, having previously taught for several years in South Orange & Jersey City, working with students ranging from elementary school through high school.


     He enjoys working with students of all abilities and seeks to help them develop a growth mindset, allowing both struggling and strong math students to find meaning in their efforts and value in the idea of trying something new and challenging. Mr. Keating aims to help students develop a sense of logic and problem-solving skills that will benefit them no matter what field they decide to focus on in higher education. He will push students, motivate them, and root for them. He’s spent my whole life in the Jersey City/Bayonne area and looks forward to helping his students grow as both mathematicians and as people.