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About the Teacher

Madeline Martineau is the Language Arts Supervisor/ Reading
Specialist at The OLC School. She has taught a wide level of grades,
ranging from kindergarten to middle school, over the past eight years.
After receiving her BA in Elementary Education from Caldwell
University, Madeline taught kindergarten for four years at a charter
school in Paterson. That school had an unrelenting focus on literacy.
That is where she found her passion for literacy and started to pursue
her Master’s Degree from William Paterson University. While
teaching, she finished her program and graduated from William
Paterson University with a M.Ed. in Literacy, with a concentration as
a Reading Specialist, receiving Supervisory certification as well. After
four years of teaching at OLC, Madeline will work as a Reading
Specialist and Language Arts Supervisor, supporting the teachers
and students at OLC in all areas, as it relates to literacy. She
regularly participates in Columbia University’s Teacher’s College
Reading and Writing Institutes and brings her knowledge and
experience of best practices in literacy into the classrooms at OLC.