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About the Teacher


Mr. Petullo is a graduate of William Paterson University where he received a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree. This is Mr. Petullo's 1st full year at OLC, and he is excited to have everyone return for the  2021-2022 school year! 


Mr. Petullo’s mission as the art teacher is to develop and teach an art program which includes the elements of art, principles of design, art appreciation, visual awareness and creative self-expression.  




Pre- K’s primary focus will be on color theory, geometric shapes and the safe and proper use of materials. 


Throughout these themes, we will experiment with many mediums such as watercolors, clay, and paints, as well as other appropriate materials.


Folding, cutting, ripping  and tracing in addition to other crucial fine motor skills will be incorporated into each lesson. 


Proper grip and holding  pencils, markers, etc. will be a regularly enforced skill.


Students will be encouraged to write their own names and class names on their work to reinforce literacy skills as well as letter and number recognition


Social skills such as listening quietly, taking turns and using manners will be a daily focus in art.



  • Color theory- color wheel, primary, secondary and tertiary colors, color mixing, black, white and grey--tones, tints and shades.
  • Exploring all mediums like charcoal, watercolors, acrylic and inks.
  • Making art  from life, references and their imagination.
  • Exploring comics and books for illustration work.
  • Classical civilizations and their art.
  • Exploring art history.
  • Contemporary art
  • Art and technology- Digital Art.
  • Graffiti and street art culture