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About the Teacher

Mr. Smiciklas (smih-kluss) permanently moved to New Jersey from Las Vegas in the summer of 2021 and is excited to join the OLC faculty. Since graduating from the University of Las Vegas - Nevada in 2015, he has worked as a tutor, a center director of a math tutoring center, and a high school math teacher. 
Mr. Smiciklas enjoys helping students improve in Math, especially those who struggle with mental math. He believes that a strong calculation foundation helps a student free up their brain power to focus on learning new concepts. 
Mr. Smiciklas got married in 2019 to his wife Thais, and has no children (just a 11-year-old raccoon-looking cat named Jeffrey who demands to go on walks). He likes to lift weights (when he actually has energy left from working aftercare), cook, and read old books in his spare time.