Welcome Our New Pastor, Fr. Bryan Page!

Fr. Bryan dropped by the school on his very first morning, before he even got settled in at the rectory.
On Shrove Tuesday, Fr. Bryan joined us for our traditional procession and ceremony of "Putting Away the Halleluja," when even the pre-k-students line the hallways and ring their bells and shakers as the parade goes past. Then in Upper Victory, K- 8 grades were introduced to Fr. Bryan, and presented him with cards and posters of welcome.
Of course, the next day was Ash Wednesday, and Fr. Bryan was back for the service in Upper Victory. He used two 8th graders for a small skit to illustrate the point of his homily. Afterwards, Fr. Bryan went down to the first floor to distribute ashes to the pre-k teachers. He also stopped in a few classrooms to meet the children.
We are very excited to begin this new chapter at OLC with Fr. Bryan. He came highly recommended by our own Ms. Roseann Sowinski, who has known him since he was a little boy!