Principal's Message

October, 2015


Dear Parents and Guardians:

As we eagerly await Halloween, the teachers and staff at LHA/OLC are preparing for the day.   Besides the activities that will take place in the classrooms, weather permitting, we will be celebrating together by having our Annual Halloween Parade.  Below you will find the day’s agenda:


  • School Meeting: K- 8 children will come together in the morning for a School Meeting.  This is a school event for the faculty, staff and children only. 


  • Toddler 2’s-Pre-K 4:  The parade for this grade level will begin at 11:15 AM.  Students in grades 5-8 will help the younger students along the parade route.  The classes will exit the building onto Grand Street and make a left turn and circle the block once.  The parade will begin with the Pre-K 3 students followed by Pre-K 4 and then the Toddlers and Transitional Three. 


The children may come to school dressed in their costumes.  Please select costumes that are “bathroom friendly” and that do not include face paint, masks or accessories. Dismissal (if applicable) or lunch will be after the parade.


  • Kindergarten-Grade 4:  The parade for this grade level will begin at 11:45 AM:  The children in these grades may wear their costumes to school or black and orange if they prefer.   These grades will exit the building onto Marin Boulevard and turn left circling the block twice.  The older students will be helping the younger ones.   No face paint, masks or accessories are allowed.  Lunch will be served after the parade.


  • Grades 5-8: The middle school students will help escort the younger students on the parade routes.  It will be a Dress Down Day for these students and they are encouraged to wear black and orange.  Lunch will be served after the parades. 


  • Grades 6-8- Students in these grades will have the opportunity to attend a Halloween Dance that evening.  More details to follow from the Student Council. 


We hope that you can be our spectators on October 30st, however in the event of rain, the parade will be cancelled.  Shortly, you will receive information from your child’s teacher providing details about the class’ activities.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email your child’s teacher. 


Spookily yours,


Mrs. Anna Mae Stefanelli, Principal



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